Success Stories

Success Stories

Hello Dr. Benedict,

The news is that I’ll be joining the Pitzer Class of 2021! 

Thank you so much! I am very happy that I got into my top choice. I wouldn’t have been able to even apply or consider the schools that I did without you. I’m glad to know that I’ll have a future ahead of me and that I’ll be able to be the first family member to go to college. I can’t describe in words how much you have impacted my future, as you have done so for many other students. It really is amazing to know how many people you have helped. Thank you!


Carla Valdez

“The Gaffney Foundation not only gave me the skills and confidence, but it also gave me an incredibly knowledgeable mentor to help me not be overwhelmed by something no one in my family had previously experienced.” – Sarah, Graduate of Williams College and Gaffney Fellow (2012)

“I will carry the values and knowledge I have learned from you [Dr. Benedict] with me for the rest of my life.”
– Dan attends St. Lawrence University (2015)

“I don’t know where I would be in the college process without the Foundation.” – Keben Perez, Brown University (2015)

“I have had a long list of mentors, but the mentor who has influenced my life the most is my college counselor. [Dr. Benedict] has played an active role in my life since my junior year of high school. What makes our relationship beautiful is that it has flourished and changed over time. At first, she fit a role that was not too different from that of a teacher. However, as I have grown academically and started to make career related decisions, she has been nothing but encouraging. She has been honest in showing me all possible implications my decisions may have, yet insisting that I carve my own path. As a 20 year old, I am stuck in this awkward limbo between childhood and adulthood, but she has never once treated me as a less qualified person, working hard to help me realize the extent of my own capabilities. And for that I cannot thank her enough.—Melissa, Princeton University (2016)

And from college administrators…

“…[Dr. Margaret Benedict] personifies what is excellent about our field.  She guides students from diverse communities, across socio-economic backgrounds, and with varying college knowledge to pursue their academic dreams and goals at the appropriate institution.  Her understanding of the college search and application process assists students in finding the college or university that is, or can be, the “right fit”.  Students come first for Margaret, but she is an absolutely wonderful partner.  

From my first encounter with Margaret eight years ago, I have enjoyed working with her.  I admire her work and methodology.  If all students had a Margaret Benedict in their lives, they would be successfully launched and encouraged to find and do their best.”–Julie Kerich

Interim VP & Dean of Admission & Financial Aid, Franklin and Marshall College 

“Thank you for sending us such wonderful students.” –– Debby Gale, Assistant Director of Admissions, University of Vermont 

“You do wonderful work.”– Director of Financial Aid, St. Lawrence University