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Gaffney Students - 4 Years Later!

Today we are celebrating eight Gaffney students who are graduating this year. All graduated in four years and received full financial aid without debt! In the picture to the left, I am wearing a pink scarf sitting in the front row with Kris Kumpf, our psychologist.

On my right is Jasmine Williams who is graduating from Trinity with a B.S. degree in Neuroscience. After doing extensive research in the effects of head trauma on children at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, CT, she will be doing research at Weil Cornell Medical Center in New York while she studies for her medical school exams.

Behind Jasmine is Taylor Stokes who graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Political Science and at MA in Urban Studies. Taylor has several offers for employment in Philadelphia, but remains undecided.

On Taylor’s left is Edwin Rosales who graduated from Princeton with a BA in creative writing. He has written a collection of short stories and his first play, Spring on Fire: A Guatemalan Story opened in April at Princeton’s campus theater. Edwin is going to Los Angeles where he will teach English to inner city kids with Teach America and will receive a graduate degree in Education from UCLA.

Darius Colson is standing next to Edwin. Darius is a fabulous violinist. He could have gone to Julliard, but he fell in love with the University of Rochester because he knew he could continue studying violin at the Eastman School while pursuing a liberal arts degree at Rochester. He graduates with a B.A. in music and has accepted a job in production.

Next to Darius is Nicole Ramirez. She is studying Civil Engineer and will receive a dual degree from Bates and Columbia University in 2018. Beside Nicole is Maureen Naval. She attended Pitzer College where she received her B.S. in Computer Science. Maureen will continue to explore Computer Science as a member of Amazon’s Personalization team.

Romie, seated to Kris’ left, has completed her B.A. International Affairs and Political Science at Princeton and she is working in the international division of IBM.

Susan sits in front of Kris & me in the Picture. She also graduated from Princeton with a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She is working for Price Waterhouse Copper as an Associate in health care consulting.

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